Most Affordable Entrepreneurship Program in HINDI

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  • Posted Date : 04 Sep 2020
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Bada Business is an Initiative by Dr. Vivek Bindra, who is a Motivational Speaker and a renowned Business Coach. Bada Business is an edutech startup that aims to scale up Indian MSMEs, Business Owners, Entrepreneurs and Wantrepreneurs by providing them Business Management tools & problem solving content. Training programs with Bada Business provide easy to implement and problem-solving content for almost all major functions in a Business like HR, Sales, Marketing, Technology, Execution, Compliance & Customer Service etc Dr. Vivek Bindra is founder & CEO of He has solved the burning problems of thousands of entrepreneurs through his problem-solving content. His programs have helped many entrepreneurs in our country to transform their business.

Location : BANGALORE-560093 , Bengaluru , Karnataka, 560093